What can moms and wives do on a family resort in Hyderabad?

The idea we have developed around moms and wives is that they are our “go to” people. Forgot your car keys, or not able to find the new pair of socks, moms and wives are the “go to” people.

It is really awesome how they manage work and home to everybody’s satisfaction! But, sometimes they feel a tad irritated and vexed with our usual but whacky requests. We tend to brush it off thinking that they are in a bad mood, but we miss something vital here.

The job of a mom and a wife is thankless and tough. They do deserve a break once in a while. We do this by making coffee once in a while, take them to a movie, or gift them some trinket. Mind you that works, but not effectively. What they need is a proper break; a break where they can forget everything about chores and duties.

This calls for some serious planning. What is in your scope to give succor to these overworked souls? Don’t bother thinking too much; just take them on a vacation. And, when I mean vacation, I don’t mean the type you enjoy, but the type your wife or your mom enjoys.

Or, there might be some possibility that there is a vacation that fits into the scheme of all of your family members! There is. We’ll come to it later. But, first things first.

Do you know how stressful the duties of a mom or a wife can be? You don’t need to be reincarnated as a woman to experience all the rigmaroles. Just do chores for a single day and that would give you a divine revelation!

The job of a wife or a mom is quite stressful and can take a toll on their health. They need breaks. A recent survey shows that moms and wives do things on vacations that you would probably never imagine.

Did you ever imagine your wife playing golf? Did you imagine your mom taking to the adventure park like fish to water? If you don’t, then let me tell you something. The more stressed a person is the crazier things they do on a vacation.

It would be very obvious for you to think that you, as a man, would do all the manly stuff while your wives would just stick to the spa and think about facial glow. This is an archaic view, and maybe primitive too.

For that matter, women in Hyderabad opt for vacations and resorts that offer more than just spas. Take the case of my last vacation. I dropped all plans for travel and instead opted for a three-day stay at Palm Exotica a family resort near Hyderabad.

This was a positively shocking experience. The wife and mom I got accustomed to see were transformed into someone else! My mom took to the adventure park. At first, I was embarrassed and concerned for her. Then, I took a step back and watched her unwind.

I did not know that even she could get thrills from south India’s largest adventure park in Palm Exotica. My wife who would curl on the couch for her favorite sitcom started putting with tenacity.

Then the revelation came to me. It was a great idea to visit this family resort in Hyderabad, and it was good that my wife and mom loved it. The revelation shattered all myths. Inside every woman there is a tigress and you have to pacify them at times with a great getaway.

It is very true that vacations improve family bonding.