Summer getaway in family resorts of Hyderabad

Summer is coming and most of you are thinking of getting your air conditioners fixed. In all probability your children’s exams are also going on. Amidst your hectic schedules, you are also thinking of spending some quality time with them. So, have you planned what you are going to do?

Planning for a summer vacation has become tougher these days. What with the sweltering heat, moving out doesn’t seem to be a good proposition doesn’t it? For most of us, the excitement of summer is no longer the same due to climate changes. We just want to coil up like a snake till July.

We can always escape to Europe for a week, but we cannot escape the summer. Face the reality; travelling in India in summer has become tough. You have to spend a decent amount of your budget on bottled water, and soft drinks!

Instead why not take an inward look? When I mean an inward look, I imply that your own city might have some great options for that perfect getaway!

The landscape of Hyderabad is peppered with some great family resorts, and it is a very good idea to spend your vacation times there. The outskirts of Hyderabad have some beautiful landscapes. Among these landscapes, there are some really well designed family resorts.

Let me tell you about my experience. Last year, when my daughter finished her intermediate exams, we were totally exhausted. It was like the whole family was involved in ensuring that she did well. We had a grueling time for all most a month.

When I found her in a listless condition after the exams, I thought something had to be done. After thinking about various options, I finally came to a conclusion. We would have a family getaway and she could invite her friends.

That way, everybody has their pie! It did not take more than a day for me to zero in on my option for a family getaway. I chose a family resort near Hyderabad. Palm Exotica. I read some great reviews about this resort and was raring to go.

We drove early in the morning, and reached the “Boutique Resort & Spa” within an hour. To my surprise, I was welcomed by an astounding landscape. Shankarpalli is very near to Hyderabad, and is located in Ranga Reddy district. Palm Exotica really chose the perfect location for a family resort in Hyderabad.

It is commendable that they have thought of everything. There are some cool alpha male activities that one can enjoy and get thrills. There is something for the feline of the species and loads of activities for children. I hope I am not stereotyping, but there is something for all!

The 9-hole golf course is a lovely green carpet that welcomes the golf enthusiasts. The day/night cricket stadium makes you feel like a real cricket star. These two were enough for Palm Exotica to earn 10 points from my side.

As for my wife who enjoys good architecture and exquisite fine dining experiences, she was flattered by the ambience and the gastronomic treats. Coming back to my daughter for whom the entire trip was planned, she and her friends had a swell time at the adventure park. For the records, Palm Exotica has the largest adventure park in south India!

Summer sure has been a time for family bonding, great treats and wonderful journeys. You can still experience all those things even though you have not planned for a vacation. Just escape to Palm Exotica and rejuvenate yourself!