A long weekend in a family resort in Hyderabad

Do you like long weekends? I know your answer would be “What? Who Doesn’t?” Every year, we look into the work calendar and see how many of these are there. When the long weekend does come, we have hundred things to do. Do we accomplish all of them? No.

It is a regular thing to plan a work day, but it is very difficult to plan a holiday. We are stuck up with numerous things we want to do and end up doing nothing at all. Well for some, doing nothing is a plan and here it works out very well. However, what about those of you who want to have a fun time on a long weekend, but are left clueless?

Going out with friends is an option, but cleaning the car isn’t. We all want to be part of our favorite group and do the things we love to do. Some of you might prefer your relatives while some prefer friends and family. But, the important thing here is enjoying your weekend with your group.

Planning group activities can be tiresome. You have to take into consideration all the things. Each one has a preference, and you have to honor that. If your favorite group is your family, then the pressure of getting it right is even more.

This makes the job of planning a weekend more complicated than you thought. So, what do you need to do to get things right?

First, talk to everyone and know what they want to do. Later, map that area in your mind where all these “to do” things coincide. This is where you want to be. This is not as easy as you said. Your daughter wants to swim and go to the movies, while your son want to spend his weekend go karting.

Now, how do you accommodate such diverse preferences? And what about your wife, what does she want? Last but not the least; what do you want from a long weekend?

Here, clarity is needed. You might want to do a gazillion number of things, but surely you can’t do all of them! Choose those things that are necessary. If it’s physical activity or rest you are badly missing, choose that first. Then, your road to a perfect long weekend is laid.

This done, you now have to choose a place to do all these things. If each one of you were to go in different directions, then where is the family bonding?

For this, the perfect choice would be to go for a family resort near Hyderabad. Right now, there are many family resorts in Hyderabad and the choice pampers you. Among these, we are really proud to say that Palm Exotica is one place that is going to give you fond memories.

Nestled in the hilly landscapes of Shankarpalli, Ranga Reddy district, it is easily drivable, and offers some of the best things life can offer. If you want to blanket yourself in an opulent and peaceful resort, then Palm Exotica has cozy nooks for that.

On the other hand, if you want to have a robust time with your kids, Palm Exotica has some of the most exciting things to offer. We have south India’s largest adventure park where you can part take in extreme sports under the guidance of experts.

You can indulge in go karting, and other extreme sports like rocket ejection, land zorbing, scoped rifling and many more. If your kids are mild tempered, you can cycle, play dart boards, basketball, foosball, and other sports. At Palm Exotica, we have three packages that come at affordable prices – Xplore, Xcite, & Xtreme.

With such amenities for kids, and many more for adults, Palm Exotica is a perfect location for a family during long weekends!