Since the summer is already on the horizon, Palm Exotica is gearing up to welcome the guests of the season with some cool summer packages for families, groups and teams. Apart from the fun and games, Palm Exotica has swimming pools and two specialty restaurants Panorama and Fiesta with a great selection of international food and some chilled cocktails and mock tails to go with it. Just a few kilometres from Hyderabad, the resort is conveniently located from the city, offering peaceful ambience in seclusion and also near enough to get back into the hustle. The luxury suites and rooms at the resort have all the modern amenities like Wi-Fi, LED TV, large sit-out areas, attached gardens, access to fitness centre where you can train with a coach, take lessons and make use of the huge cardio equipment.

For kids and the kids at heart, the games include rock climbing, roller zorb, sling shot, go kart, dirt kart, net cricket and more providing plenty of fun for kids and families. This summer we have added to the recreational activities, offering rodeo rides, archery, golfing and many other games. If you are tired after all the fun and the games you can relax and rejuvenate with the word-class spa that offers luxurious wellness treatments at the resort.

You can also customize your summer holidays at the resort with custom food, activities, and stay options in luxurious suites and rooms that offer opulent international ambience with ultra-modern facilities. Palm Exotica is one of the few luxury resorts where you could also indulge in private dinners, custom cocktails etc. Palm Exotica is also a great venue for destination weddings, events, seminars and conferences.

Palm Exotica is a mix of premium holiday experience with thrilling adventures and enticing leisure activities. Come here to explore the treks and hidden pathways wonders that the lush, dark and deep resort landscape presents. To add to the thrill, it’s the only resort in Hyderabad to offer a wide ranging adventure activities like rocket ejector, gyro ride, zip line, go kart, dirt kart, sling shot, paint ball and much more.

Resorts in Hyderabad

Palm Exotica adventure activities have been designed keeping in mind visitor’s need for adventure. We have developed many custom adventures that are sure to be a treat to indulge in. After the adventures and games, if you are exhausted you also have on offer the best of comforts with exceptional hospitality in the flourishing lap of nature. Spread across a vast acreage and offering beautiful panoramic views, Palm Exotica is secluded from, but is very much in the vicinity of Hyderabad. This ideal location is a huge USP among Hyderabad resorts.

Not just adventures and games, Palm Exotica also offers lip smacking cuisines at its Fiesta and Panorama restaurants with an international ambience that unmatched by other resorts in Hyderabad. Palm Exotica is a blend of luxury, adventure, leisure, fun, frolic, food. All these combined make it is one of the best resorts in Hyderabad. It offers first class comfort with excellent service. The resort offers prime hospitality with various adventure activities for guests. It is rated among the top resorts in India that offers a wide ranging stay options with luxury and premium suites, which are spacious, well furnished with a dash of international ambience to make sure guests have a both comfortable and memorable stay.

Here guests can Indulge in a variety of indoor and outdoor games on offer and relive their childhood days. You can refresh with a dip in the swimming pool or work it out in the gym. If you are the mood for games, make your team and get going for a stimulating match of Volleyball. For those laid back folk who wish to relax in introspection and engross themselves, there are plenty of quiet and soothing solitary spaces where you can get lost in some solitary contemplation. It can be a great de-stressing experience and a respite from work. For music lovers, Palm Exotica has relaxing in-house music session or they can delight themselves in their own private suites.

Whether you are a holiday lover or an adventure geek, if you are looking for a pleasant, comfortable, internationally premium stay in Hyderabad, you needn’t look further than Palm Exotica which is one of the best Hyderabad resorts. You can enjoy a lavish stay in untamed natural beauty, smart facilities, luxurious rooms, majestic villas and warm treatment of the guests, which are the USP of this imperial abode. With beautiful scenic views, panoramic vistas Palm Exotica offers a first-rate holiday experience with great stay options with its villas and premium suites that boast of king size/oversize twin beds with a host of other amenities. The food, the leisure activities all add up to the charm of a fairy-tale holiday, offering world-class accommodation and services.

Luxury Resorts in Hyderabad:

Palm Exotica offers elegantly designed stylish rooms, premium meeting room facilities, all day dining options, swimming pools, gymnasium, with easy access to all the thrill rides and park areas. Spread over a huge acreage Palm Exotica has lots of theme park attractions, best resorts in Hyderabad thrill rides and something for kids and adults alike. It’s fun-filled rides are buzzing with activity all week long and on weekends, it transformed into the greatest party destination. All in all, it’s a perfect family holiday destination in the proximity of Hyderabad.

Palm Exotica has 36 Bougainvillea rooms which are placed in ground and two upper floors and feature contemporary designs with all the modern amenities and are surrounded by lush greenery and lawns on either side of the building. The rooms are well appointed and offer a large private sit out on the ground floor and a panoramic view of lush green surroundings from the first and second floor.

The Daffodil rooms offer a large balcony which extends into the sit out area facing the pool and is an ideal option if you want to stay near the swimming pool as it’s just a few steps away.

Hibiscus Suites offer comfortable bedrooms with king size beds and extravagant interiors and a private living room extending into the balcony which faces the garden.

Temple Tree Villas are set amidst tropical gardens, the pool villa has a spacious bedroom with private sit outs and an open courtyard with a private pool, perfect for families who desire a luxury getaway. The villas have a delightful range of thoughtful touches with a host of other ultra-modern amenities.

Orchid Villas are a great place to relax and enjoy your time in total seclusion. This villa suits honeymooners or romantic couples seeking perfect ambience, spacious resorts in Hyderabad comfort and privacy. The villa features a large bedroom, complemented with a glass walled shower, a private plunge pool and a day bed. The sitting room continues into a private tropical garden that has a shaded daybed. Orchid villa is an ideal haven to start or rekindle a romance.

Royal Palm Villa is a high-point in luxury living offering a two-bedroom facility with a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi, a living room and a spacious sundeck on the terrace overlooking the tropical garden. Complete with a king-sized bed, a bright veranda and a large luxurious bathroom, all leading to a private tropical courtyard with pool. The courtyard area can be used as a central space for entertainment or dining. This villa is suitable for families or couples seeking ample space, privacy and a touch of sophistication.

Someone once said that the treatment for stress is not there in the shelves of pharmacies, but deep in us. So true! The Chinese school of thought says that there are two opposing forces in us, the yin and yang. The lack of balance of these two forces is the root cause of all problems. Even Indian Ayurveda emphasizes the need for balance. However, in a hectic life, how can one maintain balance? The answer is simple. Take time off and pamper yourself with a great spa therapy in resorts in Hyderabad.

Why Resorts in Hyderabad?

Living in a city like Hyderabad, or for that matter any city in the world, many of us face stress due to variety of reasons. Stress is a psychological reaction of the mind when it feels threatened physically or mentally. Lack of space in the cities, traffic jams, air pollution, work pressures, and a general concern for the future are among the major stressors for city dwellers.

Luxury Stay in Hyderabad - Palmexotica

Though some amount of stress is okay once in a while, it becomes a major issue if it’s chronic. It can have adverse affects on our health! There are many ways of combating stress. Some of them prefer going to laughing clubs, and some prefer yoga. These activities can be very effective, but not all of us have time for these. Yet, if we avoid taking any measures, we might end up taking psychiatric treatment.

Many orators on TV go merrily asking us to let go of it, and relax, but this is easier said than done. Bills keep coming up and the plumbing might fail! You may need something more to beat stress.

We at Palm Exotica believe that to beat stress, you have to indulge and engage all your five senses. First, you need to get away from the city and surround yourself in the green. Pamper your visual senses with exotic locales. All the stress that you had gotten by staring into your computer screens would vanish. Then, the sweet singing of birds, and the soothing effect of the water fountain would relieve the stress of noise you heard in traffic jams.

Then, you enter The Flora Spa. Here, the fresh and earthy aromas of exotic herbs invite you to a world that has no gravity! Your mind would start floating in the intoxicating aromas. After that, you would be given a comprehensive massage that is specially formulated to take away stress. The tactile sensation that you get when the masseuse touches the pressure points relieves you from all that pent up stress!

Benefits of aromatherapy:

  • Gives mental relaxation.
  • With their antibacterial properties, they promote immunity.
  • Acts as antidepressants.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Improves digestion.

Benefits of massage:

  • Relaxes the muscles.
  • Increases muscle flexibility.
  • Improves the health of joints.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Gives mental relaxation.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Reduces stress

After a rejuvenating session at The Flora Spa, you can enjoy the view with a warm herbal tea. You achieve total relaxation and freedom from stress with an approach that understands that each person is different and needs a different therapy. Our experts understand this very well, and are highly trained to take good care of you!

Do you want to know about a secret that makes you vanish this weekend and come back on Monday with a healthy glow and aura? There is no rocket science in this; however, you can do this trick. The best part of it is that you can do this along with your family and all of you would have a wow time. Now, time to reveal the secret! Pss…visit family resorts in Hyderabad.

It is a latest trend among resorts in Hyderabad to include spa and boutique facilities. Before that, these resorts had dhaba kind of eateries along with some branded eateries including rudimentary games and activities. People’s tastes have changed. Now, they want more from resorts. They prefer comprehensive entertainment and recharge from a visit to the family resort.

Keeping these changing tastes in mind, resorts in Hyderabad have upgraded themselves. You no longer have an overcrowded swimming pool for a rejuvenation center. There’s something more you can get! This health conscious generation demands wellness, fitness, recharge and a youthful glow.

Why spas in resorts in Hyderabad?

There is no dearth of spas in Hyderabad and there are some really plush ones with all the latest therapies to pamper your body and soul. The air around these spas lingers with exotic perfumes and oils. So, why do we need spas in resorts? Simple, if you have a family and every member of the family wants to do a different thing, you just go to a place where all these things are available. That’s what a family resort does!

Among resorts in Hyderabad, Palm Exotica is acclaimed for its boutique spa. Palm Exotica, located in Shankarpalli, is very near to Hyderabad and has a huge array of amenities. It has a cricket stadium (day/night), a 9-hole golf course, and south India’s largest adventure park.

As for the spa, the Flora Spa offers the best spa treatments available with only natural methods. Imagine being away from the hustle of the city and getting the best spa therapies that a city can offer! That’s a double deal along with the fact that the rest of your family can indulge in their muses.

Get a whole body massage, or pamper your skin and revive yourself in tranquil surroundings. The spa also includes two specially designed swimming pools, Octopus and Blue Lagoon. These are set amidst tropical gardens and gazebos. There is also facility for rain dance and a high end gym to tone your body.

Get a natural healing spa therapy, visit boutique spa resorts in Hyderabad.

Resorts in Hyderabad the best option for a weekend!

How to you want to spend a weekend this summer? In this sweltering heat, most of you would want to just stay cool in the comfort of your air conditioners. But, kids are kids! Summer is the season for them to explore something new, do something exciting, and surprisingly, they don’t seem to feel the heat! Perhaps, all inclusive resorts in Hyderabad may be the best option.

You don’t want your children to get hooked on to some crazy play station stuff. Now, that’s a strict no-no as there some cool outdoor activity options for kids that are irresistible. Plan a visit to a family resort and you would never repent the decision!

Family Resorts in Hyderabad:

Though Hyderabad is not on the smart city list, it’s an unlisted haven for some of the coolest things a city can offer. It does not have a beach, but that has removed the humidity! The outskirts of Hyderabad have some great scenic locations with idyllic landscapes. Nestled in these scenic locations, there are some awesome family resorts that entertain and enthrall a toddler and a septuagenarian alike.

Palm Exotica is one resort that has recently been attracting a lot of crowds, and it has all the space to accommodate them. Located in Shankarpalli, a few kilometers from Hyderabad, Palm Exotica is a boutique resort and spa.

The beauty of this place is in its exquisite landscaping that is pleasing to the eye and a mere day’s stay here is quite rejuvenating. Apart from great visual aesthetics, there a host of activities that keep your family engaged.

For that golf enthusiast in you, you can try your hand at the 9-hole golf course. If you just want to relax, you can try the Flora Spa that is rich and offers deep massage with exotic oils done by a team of expert therapists. Pamper yourself the way you please.

For your kids, there is more than enough adrenaline rush! With south India’s largest adventure park, your kids have a whole range of play activities. Go karting, day/night cricket stadium, land zorbing, dirt karting, and zip line are just a few of the options.

Spending a weekend with your family in resorts in Hyderabad is not only a fun experience, it would rejuvenate you! No more complaints about the summer heat!

The idea we have developed around moms and wives is that they are our “go to” people. Forgot your car keys, or not able to find the new pair of socks, moms and wives are the “go to” people.

It is really awesome how they manage work and home to everybody’s satisfaction! But, sometimes they feel a tad irritated and vexed with our usual but whacky requests. We tend to brush it off thinking that they are in a bad mood, but we miss something vital here.

The job of a mom and a wife is thankless and tough. They do deserve a break once in a while. We do this by making coffee once in a while, take them to a movie, or gift them some trinket. Mind you that works, but not effectively. What they need is a proper break; a break where they can forget everything about chores and duties.

This calls for some serious planning. What is in your scope to give succor to these overworked souls? Don’t bother thinking too much; just take them on a vacation. And, when I mean vacation, I don’t mean the type you enjoy, but the type your wife or your mom enjoys.

Or, there might be some possibility that there is a vacation that fits into the scheme of all of your family members! There is. We’ll come to it later. But, first things first.

Do you know how stressful the duties of a mom or a wife can be? You don’t need to be reincarnated as a woman to experience all the rigmaroles. Just do chores for a single day and that would give you a divine revelation!

The job of a wife or a mom is quite stressful and can take a toll on their health. They need breaks. A recent survey shows that moms and wives do things on vacations that you would probably never imagine.

Did you ever imagine your wife playing golf? Did you imagine your mom taking to the adventure park like fish to water? If you don’t, then let me tell you something. The more stressed a person is the crazier things they do on a vacation.

It would be very obvious for you to think that you, as a man, would do all the manly stuff while your wives would just stick to the spa and think about facial glow. This is an archaic view, and maybe primitive too.

For that matter, women in Hyderabad opt for vacations and resorts that offer more than just spas. Take the case of my last vacation. I dropped all plans for travel and instead opted for a three-day stay at Palm Exotica a family resort near Hyderabad.

This was a positively shocking experience. The wife and mom I got accustomed to see were transformed into someone else! My mom took to the adventure park. At first, I was embarrassed and concerned for her. Then, I took a step back and watched her unwind.

I did not know that even she could get thrills from south India’s largest adventure park in Palm Exotica. My wife who would curl on the couch for her favorite sitcom started putting with tenacity.

Then the revelation came to me. It was a great idea to visit this family resort in Hyderabad, and it was good that my wife and mom loved it. The revelation shattered all myths. Inside every woman there is a tigress and you have to pacify them at times with a great getaway.

It is very true that vacations improve family bonding.

Summer is coming and most of you are thinking of getting your air conditioners fixed. In all probability your children’s exams are also going on. Amidst your hectic schedules, you are also thinking of spending some quality time with them. So, have you planned what you are going to do?

Planning for a summer vacation has become tougher these days. What with the sweltering heat, moving out doesn’t seem to be a good proposition doesn’t it? For most of us, the excitement of summer is no longer the same due to climate changes. We just want to coil up like a snake till July.

We can always escape to Europe for a week, but we cannot escape the summer. Face the reality; travelling in India in summer has become tough. You have to spend a decent amount of your budget on bottled water, and soft drinks!

Instead why not take an inward look? When I mean an inward look, I imply that your own city might have some great options for that perfect getaway!

The landscape of Hyderabad is peppered with some great family resorts, and it is a very good idea to spend your vacation times there. The outskirts of Hyderabad have some beautiful landscapes. Among these landscapes, there are some really well designed family resorts.

Let me tell you about my experience. Last year, when my daughter finished her intermediate exams, we were totally exhausted. It was like the whole family was involved in ensuring that she did well. We had a grueling time for all most a month.

When I found her in a listless condition after the exams, I thought something had to be done. After thinking about various options, I finally came to a conclusion. We would have a family getaway and she could invite her friends.

That way, everybody has their pie! It did not take more than a day for me to zero in on my option for a family getaway. I chose a family resort near Hyderabad. Palm Exotica. I read some great reviews about this resort and was raring to go.

We drove early in the morning, and reached the “Boutique Resort & Spa” within an hour. To my surprise, I was welcomed by an astounding landscape. Shankarpalli is very near to Hyderabad, and is located in Ranga Reddy district. Palm Exotica really chose the perfect location for a family resort in Hyderabad.

It is commendable that they have thought of everything. There are some cool alpha male activities that one can enjoy and get thrills. There is something for the feline of the species and loads of activities for children. I hope I am not stereotyping, but there is something for all!

The 9-hole golf course is a lovely green carpet that welcomes the golf enthusiasts. The day/night cricket stadium makes you feel like a real cricket star. These two were enough for Palm Exotica to earn 10 points from my side.

As for my wife who enjoys good architecture and exquisite fine dining experiences, she was flattered by the ambience and the gastronomic treats. Coming back to my daughter for whom the entire trip was planned, she and her friends had a swell time at the adventure park. For the records, Palm Exotica has the largest adventure park in south India!

Summer sure has been a time for family bonding, great treats and wonderful journeys. You can still experience all those things even though you have not planned for a vacation. Just escape to Palm Exotica and rejuvenate yourself!

Do you like long weekends? I know your answer would be “What? Who Doesn’t?” Every year, we look into the work calendar and see how many of these are there. When the long weekend does come, we have hundred things to do. Do we accomplish all of them? No.

It is a regular thing to plan a work day, but it is very difficult to plan a holiday. We are stuck up with numerous things we want to do and end up doing nothing at all. Well for some, doing nothing is a plan and here it works out very well. However, what about those of you who want to have a fun time on a long weekend, but are left clueless?

Going out with friends is an option, but cleaning the car isn’t. We all want to be part of our favorite group and do the things we love to do. Some of you might prefer your relatives while some prefer friends and family. But, the important thing here is enjoying your weekend with your group.

Planning group activities can be tiresome. You have to take into consideration all the things. Each one has a preference, and you have to honor that. If your favorite group is your family, then the pressure of getting it right is even more.

This makes the job of planning a weekend more complicated than you thought. So, what do you need to do to get things right?

First, talk to everyone and know what they want to do. Later, map that area in your mind where all these “to do” things coincide. This is where you want to be. This is not as easy as you said. Your daughter wants to swim and go to the movies, while your son want to spend his weekend go karting.

Now, how do you accommodate such diverse preferences? And what about your wife, what does she want? Last but not the least; what do you want from a long weekend?

Here, clarity is needed. You might want to do a gazillion number of things, but surely you can’t do all of them! Choose those things that are necessary. If it’s physical activity or rest you are badly missing, choose that first. Then, your road to a perfect long weekend is laid.

This done, you now have to choose a place to do all these things. If each one of you were to go in different directions, then where is the family bonding?

For this, the perfect choice would be to go for a family resort near Hyderabad. Right now, there are many family resorts in Hyderabad and the choice pampers you. Among these, we are really proud to say that Palm Exotica is one place that is going to give you fond memories.

Palmexotica Resorts Outside View

Nestled in the hilly landscapes of Shankarpalli, Ranga Reddy district, it is easily drivable, and offers some of the best things life can offer. If you want to blanket yourself in an opulent and peaceful resort, then Palm Exotica has cozy nooks for that.

On the other hand, if you want to have a robust time with your kids, Palm Exotica has some of the most exciting things to offer. We have south India’s largest adventure park where you can part take in extreme sports under the guidance of experts.

You can indulge in go karting, and other extreme sports like rocket ejection, land zorbing, scoped rifling and many more. If your kids are mild tempered, you can cycle, play dart boards, basketball, foosball, and other sports. At Palm Exotica, we have three packages that come at affordable prices – Xplore, Xcite, & Xtreme.

With such amenities for kids, and many more for adults, Palm Exotica is a perfect location for a family during long weekends!

Summer is here!!

It’s early and now you need to start planning your vacation, isn’t it? Don’t you think few short vacations each year are better than one long vacation only once a year?

Think about it!! Instead of one vacation you can relax and unwind twice or thrice a year.

Instead of long vacation frequent weekend getaways help more, to relax and unwind in this busy technology filled life. Vacation are an opportunity to get away from work and stress, to relax, have fun, and reset before returning to your normal life. Many studies have been conducted to understand how vacations recharge your energies and relieve stress thus reducing the risks of heart attacks or depressions.

Palm Exotica Resorts near Hyderabad is an ideal destination for a fun-filled and refreshing weekend getaways!

According to a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, doing fun activities and holidaying reduces stress and also blood pressure.

When in stress, have fun!! It helps! Continuously engaging oneself in fun activities can help to overcome the stress. So, take shorter and more frequent vacations.

Are you sleep deprived due to long work hours and home stress?

Well, the studies indicate that vacationers slept longer and better, increasing their health and well-being during and two weeks after vacation. The days before your vacation have their own set of benefits. Simply anticipating your vacation, what you’ll be doing and looking forward to where you’re going provide you with greater emotional rewards than looking back and remembering your trip when you return home. Mentally detaching from the work is also important. Some executives have begun making this company policy, along with requiring employees to use up all their vacation time.

Complete autonomy while on vacation also has its benefits, according to experts. Try to take control of the course of the day. Don’t let the alarm clock wake you, wake up naturally and chalk out the activities and day plan by yourself!

Here is a list of advantages of taking shorter and frequent vacations:

  • Live Longer – Seriously!! Vacations boost good health leading to healthy living.
  • Revitalized mental condition – Stress reduces in huge amounts during vacations thus restoring your mental health.
  • Gain Self-confidence
  • Creative inspiration – New places and cultures will give birth to new ideas.
  • Increase productivity – With shorter vacations at weekends, you will be recharged and ready to face the tensions of home and work in a more positive manner thus reaping positive results.
  • Vacations Help You lose weight - A larger part of overweight people admit to careless eating as a reaction to stretch.s. Studies have shown that even when indulging a little more on vacation, people who regularly vacation feel more energized and are often more active on vacation. They were also found to have improved glucose levels and even had some weight loss.

So, have we convinced to pack your bags and set off on vacation?

Well, start with a long & relaxed weekend at one of the best resorts in Hyderabad – Palm Exotica!